These ‘Creepy’ corners of Shreveport have never looked so good!

Local Photographer captures Shreveport’s ‘Beautifully Endangered Places’

SHREVEPORT, La. (Ark-La-Tex Weekend) - We’ve all driven past parts of the Ark-La-Tex that are starting to crumble away. Abandoned buildings, covered in overgrown vines, old cemeteries with hard to read gravestones or rusty farm equipment that’s looming over the edges of highways.

Those are the areas Michael Pierce loves to capture in photos. His Instagram page, known as Scruffy Shabby Shreveport, has a bio that says he’s “celebrating Shreveport Louisiana’s beautifully endangered places.”

He’s just recently moved to Shreveport within the last year, and uses his love of photography to explore his new hometown. The community of followers on “Scruffy Shabby Shreveport” have helped guide him to spots that he should showcase, and offer him notes on the history the places hold.

“Literally, you start to see it everywhere,” said Pierce, describing the history hidden in these old places. “There’s beauty in absolutely everything around us. And once you pay attention to that, you’ll start to see it more and start to appreciate it more.”

Here are some his favorite (albeit a little creepy) locations:

Oakland Cemetery: this is where we met Michael and documented his work. He was incredibly interested in the iron work surrounding some of the more prominent graves.

The Municipal Auditorium: Even though “Elvis has left the building” a long time ago, the Municipal is still a gorgeous fixture on the Shreveport skyline.

Shreveport Bus Center: Unused, abandoned, but that blue sign stands out against a Shreveport skyline.

Karpeles Manuscript Library: A relatively recent closure, this striking building is worth checking out on a walk down Centenary BLVD.

Want to learn more about Michael’s photography work? Check out our interview with him above. Looking for more beautiful artwork? Here’s one of our favorites.

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