National card-based party game company, headquartered in Shreveport

It’s described as the “largest Christian gaming company in the United States”

SHREVEPORT, La. (Ark-La-Tex Weekend) - Daniel and Elles Maddry run the largest Christian gaming company in the United States out of their home in Shreveport’s Highland neighborhood. Inside their home office, they’re at work, coming up with new concepts, working with national distributors and keeping up with manufacturing demands. If those demands get too high, they have an emergency supply of extra inventory conveniently located in their kitchen cabinets. It’s the work-from-home balance many of us had to master during the pandemic on full-display.

Their most successful product? “Cards Christian’s Like” – a card-based party game “with convictions,” according to their website, that’s modeled after the popular game “Cards Against Humanity.” In the game, the players are given a blue-colored prompt card and have 10 white-colored responses that can be played to match the prompt. Each card is a nuanced theme of Christian Evangelical church culture. According to Daniel, they wanted a way for Christian’s to play this game and really appreciate the references, while making fun of each other in the process.

“We looked at all the different sects of Christianity and no-one was safe. We made fun of everyone,” said Maddry when describing the process of inventing the hundreds of card prompts in the game. “It’s not cool if we’re just going to slam one particular group. We’re making fun of them, we’re making fun of us. It’s fun.”

The game is a little over a year old and is quickly becoming a success. The project’s initial Kickstarter sold out in less than 24 hours and has now sold more than 30,000 copies, including some international sales.

“We’ve gone out of stock about three times, and each time people are beating down our doors trying to get more games. The first year was pretty brutal trying to keep inventory, but it’s gotten better.”

The company is run by Daniel and his wife Elles who are both proud Shreveport natives. The first time they discussed the concept, it was in a local hang-out spot.

“We were in Moor Coffee, the shop in the back of Broadmoor Baptist Church,” said Elles, remembering their meeting. “That’s when he (Daniel) said, ‘I have a million-dollar idea.”

Now, they’re interested in continuing to invest in Shreveport, with plans to open a store-front to manage their distribution and manufacturing efforts. Their goal is to impact the ArkLaTex positively, making it a haven for entrepreneurs.

“Shreveport is actually a better place to start businesses than all these other cities,” said Daniel. “There’s opportunity everywhere.”

Interested in “Cards Christians Like?” The base game and multiple expansion packs are available on their website and

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