Brick Fest Live is a LEGO fan’s dream

Millions of bricks to unlock the imagination

SHREVEPORT, La. (Ark-La-Tex Weekend) - For many, LEGO bricks have inspired creativity and some pretty wild builds. On Saturday, October 8 and Sunday, October 9, 2022, you can visit one of the nation’s largest fan created events for the building bricks. Brick Fest Live will fill 70,000 square feet of space at the Shreveport Convention Center. Not only will there be life-sized creations in the Bricks Around the World section, but everyone can have fun with the interactive and hands-on exhibits. For example, race a car in The Derby or just enjoy building something out of LEGOs.

From their press release, “Brick Fest Live began when a Philadelphia, PA father and his daughter started a YouTube channel devoted to the LEGO creations they were building together. After posting nearly 500 videos and accumulating more than 11 million views, they decided to gather the LEGO community in person. Now Brick Fest Live is the #1 touring LEGO event in the U.S., winning multiple Guinness World Records and attracting more than 500,000 fans since its inception in 2014.”

Tickets start at $19.99 and they are timed entry tickets. They even have a VIP ticket package.

Hopefully you won’t step on any bricks.

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Robert Streeter

Robert Streeter

Lead content producer for the Ark-La-Tex Weekend as well as Creative Services Producer.